About Me

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I have developed my work from a craft based origin where I did mainly egg decorating to fine art where I sometimes use the egg forms in my work but in a far different way. I also work using a mixture of drawing, painting, photography and digital manipulation. My blog will not always follow a strict time seqence as I move back and forth between certain pieces and develop them further.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Look, no hands! Robotic doodles

With every good intention

The beginings of a sketchbook.

Eggshell Sculptures

These sculptures were made after reading "The Shack" by William Paul Young. It is a book about the loss of a child and the father's discovery of his relationship with God as he comes to terms with his grief. Some of the sculptures represent the Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit weeping for humanity and others are about parent /child relationships.